Mergina nepabijojo parodyti, kaip realybėje atrodo kūnas, numetus 65 kilogramus

Mes labai dažnai matome įvairias lieknėjimo sėkmės istorijas, bet retokai tenka pamatyti visas svorio metimo pasekmes. Numetė 20 kg, numetė 50 kg, numetė 100 kg... Visi liekni ir laimingi! Tik ne visais atvejais viskas taip gražu, kaip atrodo.

Štai ir vienas iš pavyzdžių - neseniai rašėme apie Christine Carter. Merginai vos per 16 mėnesių pavyko atsikratyti net 52 kilogramų. Nuostabu? NUOSTABU! Tik prie šių puikių PRIEŠ ir PO nuotraukų dažniausiai niekas neparašo, kad už naują išvaizdą padėkoti reikia ne tik savo ryžtui ir ištvermei, bet ir plastikos chirurgams. Christinos atveju jiems reikėtų dėkoti už pakeltas ir padidintas krūtis bei pašalintą odos perteklių pilvo srityje (randeliai puikiai užmaskuoti pasirinkus tinkamas kelnaites!)

O dabar susipažink su 27 metų Isabella Hancock. Nepaisant jauno amžiaus, vos prieš kelis metus ji svėre 130 kg. Kaip papasakoja pati Isabella, paauglystėje ji tikrai nebuvo apkūni. Galbūt svėrė keliais kilogramais daugiau nei bendraamžiai, bet storule jos niekas nebūtų pavadinęs. Viskas kardinaliai pasikeitė, kai Isabella pastojo. Svoris pradėjo augti tiesiog akyse. Iš pradžių ji manė, kad po gimdymo viskas grįš į savas vėžes, tačiau niekas nepasikeitė. Isabella daugiausiai laiko leisdavo namuose, o ir mitybos įpročiai išliko tokie patys, kaip nėštumo metu - valgyti už du.

Sometimes you just lose sight and forget your progress.. You can't remember the journey whilst looking at the results, feeling somewhat deflated and heavy. Then reality strikes, you glance back, realising that yes you may have put on 4lbs or so but that's okay, we all go up and down.. It's hard not to be disheartened but it's not the end of the world.. You pick yourself up, give yourself a pat on the back, a wobble of the head, smile and crack on. Sometimes in life you 'relax' and enjoy the moment, not focusing on a salad over a burger and we all deserve those treats, you should never deprive yourself.. You have to enjoy food & life.. Eating out and eating in. Be good when you can and indulge when you want to. We all have our wobbles in life, it's how you treat them.. Don't give up, don't think because you had one 'fatty' dish, you've fallen off the wagon and that's it you might as well give up, no, don't feel bad, you can do that, just don't stop enjoying looking after yourself, being healthy. I needed a head shake today, and I did it. You can to. I love me, I love you x X x keep smiling & keep strong ! Ps. Sorry I haven't been around lately! So busy, passed my theory test, looking after little one, driving lessons, looking for a job, part of the PTA committee! & not feeling super myself.. I've missed you all! Xxxxx ❤️ #selflove #selfworth #weightloss #weightlossjourney #gastricsleeve #fitness #myrighttobeme #honormycurves #effyourbeautystandards #smile #confidence #happiness #eatwell #food #love #worth #smile #women #men #empower #embrace #fitness #getfit #goals #beauty #depression #mind

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Isabella (@curvaliciousgirl) on Apr 8, 2016 at 1:44pm PDT

Paskutinis lūžis įvyko 2012 metais, kuomet mergina išsiruošę į statybinių prekių parduotuvę. Kaip Isabella pasakoja dabar, tuomet atrodė, kad visi žmonės į ją žiūri. Matyt, anksčiau ji tiesiog nesuvokė, kaip atrodo iš šalies. Taigi teko skubiai imtis priemonių.

Isabella pasirinko trumpesnį kelią - kreipėsi į chirurgus, kurie jai sumažino skrandį. Deja, efektas buvo labai trumpalaikis. Prieš tai buvęs apetitas neilgai trukus sugrįžo ir kartu su juo vėl pradėjo augti svoris. Teko pasikliauti vien savo jėgomis - drąstiškai mažinti suvartojamą kalorijų kiekį ir apskritai keisti mitybos įpročius.

Apie tai daugiau gali paskaityti Isabellos Instagram puslapyje, o mes norime pasidžiaugti šia mergina, kad ji - viena iš tų nedaugelio, kurios išdrįsta viešai parodyti, kaip iš tiesų kai kuriais atvejais atrodo kūnas, po didelio svorio netekimo.

Hell yes I don't have a flat stomach or unmarked skin, yet I still feel most beautiful when natural, purely me. I wobble, I run my fingers across my skin & feel the smoothness as well as the ridges.. I've been obese, I've been pregnant, I've let depression overtake me, I've battled issues & I can stand here proud of where I am, who I am today. Nobody is me, no one has lead my life.. & that's what makes it even more magical, I may not be everyone's cup of tea, you can never be, but I'm my own. People will throw negative comments your way just duck and let them fly over. Someone's sour mind doesn't have to effect your soul. I'm happy, really happy, being me.. & knowing I've done my best to get to this point. I don't need someone to tell me I'm beautiful to know that I am. We were all born to be unique, to have different fingerprints, different genes, different skin.. & that's how life ticks, how we find love & happiness. Let your inhibitions go & embrace who you are in the here & now.. Not happy ? Set yourself a goal. Even something little, just do it. Start your self love journey NOW, as you never know what tomorrow holds. Don't be afraid. Let yourself free, fly in the comfort of your pure beauty. I love me & I love you, together we can make a difference 💖 just do it ! #selflove #selfworth #selfconfidence #stretchmarks #looseskin #effyourbeautystandards #happiness #curves #pcos #depression #strength #women #honormycurves #weightloss #myrighttobeme #myweightlossjourney #doit #londongirl #londonblogger #scars #gastricsleeve #vgs #hardwork #love #wobbles #you #me

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#throwbackthursday 💖 having that moment today, one of those empowerments... Not seeking any approval but appreciating the love I have for myself. We should all have them, it's natural to crave that approval and admiration of another, but sometimes we need to pat ourselves on the back & tell ourselves we're beautiful... After all our own opinions of ourselves are the most important. You must learn to love yourself first. I've got lost on my journey many a time & I often teach myself to come back.. I'm proud, I'm happy & I feel beautiful! So should you, whether you're starting, continuing or ending a journey.. Appreciate you, who you are.. in this moment and enjoy it. Weight loss isn't a battle that ends, you always create new goals, to become fitter or live a more healthy lifestyle. It's a constant.... & you're bound to get lost at times, that's okay, just find your way back & realise no matter where you are you are beautiful & doing yourself proud, no matter the wobble - WE ALL HAVE THEM! You're gorgeous ! Smile! Wiggle! He he! I love you, I love me... my loose skin, my stretch marks, I've done well & I should appreciate that a little more! ❤️ #weightloss #weightlossjourney #iloveme #selflove #selfconfidence #selfworth #effyourbeautystandards #myrighttobeme #honormycurves #gastricsleeve #weightwatchers #health #love #stretchmarks #looseskin #women #men #empower #proud #wobbles #appreciate #getfit #transformation #tbt

A photo posted by ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀Isabella (@curvaliciousgirl) on May 5, 2016 at 1:34pm PDT

Just need to clarify that nope I have had no surgery to remove loose skin, it's still very much there.. I try my best to exercise and tone, but it shall never be gone. The major side effect I suffer from is an infected belly button, not sure if anyone else does ? But I'm advised by hospital to use medical alcohol and a cotton wool bud to help, however it's an ongoing sore battle. There are of course consequences to losing weight, however I wouldn't change it for the world. Yes I have loose skin, stretch marks & infections.. However, I have my health & fitness, my love, my pride. The benefits out weigh the flaws.. To anyone messaging me afraid of losing weight, I will always say DO IT! Don't be scared, embrace the journey your on, we all have different ones. I'm currently on the look out for a PT & to keep improving (if anyone knows one based in North London feel free to recommend!), in the mean time I'm jolly happy that I'm a stubborn bunny & will never quit. Aim for what's best for you, not another. We are individuals on our own little paths, stop comparing & start focusing. You can. You will. Do what YOU want to do. Xx (& yes I need booty gains! Oh the joys of family genes & weightloss combined ha😆) #transformation #mondaymotivation #weightloss #looseskin #strength #stretchmarks #pcos #gastricsleeve #healthy #health #stubborn #willpower #mind #body #soul #londongirl #londonblogger #women #men #weight #selflove #perfection #imperfections #society #embrace #doit #happiness #depression #nevergiveup

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