Būtent taip atrodo tikra meilė

Žiūrime į šias nuotraukas ir nevalingai šypsomės. Ramybė, švelnumas, pasitikėjimas, džiaugsmas... Visa puokštė nuostabiausių jausmų! Fotografė Shayleen Nelson įamžino savo senelį ir močiutę, kartu pragyvenusius jau 63 metus. Šios nuotraukos - tai projekto „Nelsonų meilė“ dalis.

Shayleen sako, kad senelių santykiai jai yra tarsi savotiškas priminimas, kad meilė - tai daugiau nei romantiška vestuvių ceremonija ir idealus gyvenimas. „Jie paseno kartu. Jų širdys plaka vienu ritmu ir kartais man atrodo, kad tai viena širdis, kurią dalinasi su žmonės. Kad ir kas nutiktų, jų santykiuose visuomet laimi meilė“ - apie savo įkvėpimo šaltinį pasakojo fotografė.

Beje, beveik visose šiose nuotraukose pamatysi nuostabią rožių puokštę. Pastatęs namą sau ir mylimai žmonai, senelis po miegamojo langais pasodino rožių krūmus, kurie iki šiol augina pačius nuostabiausius žiedus.

The look on my Mamaw and Papaw's faces says it all! Y'all...The day is finally here! As I sit here and type this out, my hands are shaking, tears are welling up in my eyes and I have butterflies the size of Texas dancing like Beyonce' in my stomach. I don't know if it's because this project is so personal and means so much to me, or because my heart is finally being put out into the universe. This journey is now officially STARTING!!! This next year is going to be plain insane, SCARY, incredible, beautiful and challenging in all the best ways. A huge part of me wishes we could sit down and I could share the entire back story detail for detail in person, and really explain the purpose and meaning behind this...but since it will take me longer than one instagram post...why don't you head on over to @smpweddings and read all about it right now. My Mamaw and Papaw are waiting for you and I NEED YOUR HELP! ❤️ A huge special thanks to @bristollaneflorals @makenzilaine @theivyretreat @photovisionprints for their talents/roles/support in helping me pull this shoot together. I'm forever thankful for y'all! 😘 #lovethenelsonsproject #oldlovebook 🙈 #what!

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. My Papaw is cute. And so are you. ☺️ Happy Valentines Day! 💋❤️🌹

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"Dear Shalyn, I sit here on Sunday morning, the 15th of February, reading your tribute to your grandparents through a veil of tears. They are not tears of grief, and yet there is a small amount of "potential" grief present. They are not tears of joy, and our story is certainly not devoid of joy. I think they are just tears, tears of living, tears of remembering a life that, while still active, is yet seeing the future rush at us with increasing velocity, seeing clearly the landscape that has passed us and knowing that this journey will have an end. I have a story to tell you..." ❤️ My inbox is currently my happy place. I am in awe of the hearts that have reached out to me so far and can't grasp that this is finally happening. There is a constant lump in my throat and it being there just puts that much more affirmation in my heart that #lovethenelsonsproject is where God wants me to be. If you know anyone with a love story that needs to be shared for my #oldlovebook PLEASE e-mail me at hello@lovethenelsons.com. I will only be accepting them until March 1st so I can make travel plans for the rest of the year. Please feel free to share this project with your friends and family. I look forward to hearing from you!!!! As cliche' and corny as this sounds, the love, support and encouragement y'all have shown me has blown me a away. I really can't thank you enough!!! ❤️ P.s.) If I haven't responded yet, don't worry, I will be in touch soon! ❤️

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Some things just get better with age...wine, antiques... And my precious papaw! He turns 85 today! This man is by far one of my most favorite people in this world. He may have silver in his hair, but he has gold in his heart! 💛 #lovehim #hesnot85 #hes18 #with67yearsofexperience

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When my papaw built his home he made it a point to plant a rose bush outside of their bedroom window so my Mamaw would see it every morning. "She's the rose of my life. Always has been." I'm still reveling and processing this session from earlier this week. I wish I could go back. My heart will never be the same.🌹💗Thank you for this photo @makenzilaine! #lovethenelsonsproject #oldlove

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