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Vos tik kokia garsi blogerė pasidalina nauju grožio triuku, tuojau pat atsiranda norinčių tą patį išbandyti savo kailiu. O kur sveikas protas, merginos? Tikrai ne viskas, kas reklamuojama, yra veiksminga. Juo labiau, ne viskas sveika!

Medicinos mokslų daktarė Mona Gochara mūsų kolegoms iš Cosmo.ru pakomentavo itin populiarius ir daug dėmesio sulaukusius Instagraminius grožio triukus, kurių jokiu būdu nerekomenduojame bandyti namuose. Kodėl? Skaityk toliau! 

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🔪DIY trick using disposable floss picks and mouthwash. This trick helps to extract whiteheads and blackheads. This hack definitely works❗️If you try it, tag me 🤗 ♥️ ___________ ◾️All you need is a hot towel, floss pick, and toner. ___________ 1️⃣Take a towel and place it in hot water. Take the towel out and make sure it isn’t too hot. Also, make sure that the area is clean and place the towel on the problem area so that the heat will open up the pores. Do this for about 5 mins or so. 2️⃣Take the disposable floss pick and drag it in a scraping motion. This option is cheaper and less likely to scar you than using a metal extractor. Be sure to not over do it. 3️⃣When finished, rinse the area with a mild cleanser. 4️⃣Follow up with a toner (you can use rose water, mouthwash, or your regular toner.) ❗️If you have really sensitive skin don't use mouthwash or do a patch test first. 5️⃣Be sure to moisturize your nose after applying the toner. ----------- Tag your bestie ♥️ 👻SNAPCHAT: A_LLURE7 _____________ @hudabeauty @monakattan @alyakattan #hudabeauty #hairmakeupdiary #facemask #skincare #makeuptutorial #fashionarttut #laurag_143 #sukhimann_ #instadaily #instalike #instamood #instafashion #chico #fashion #instamakeup #indianvlogger #indianblogger #desibeautyblog #hudabeauty #allmordernmakeup #melformakeup #hypnaughtymakeup #inssta_makeup #makeupfanatic1 #brian_champagne #makeuptutorial #shimycatsmua #fakeupfix #associationofbeauty #hairmakeupdiary #liveglam #laurag_143 #brian_champagne

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1. Pašalinti inkštirus padės dantų siūlas (daugiau nei milijonas peržiūrų!)

„Man baisu į tai žiūrėti. Pašalinti viršutinį odos sluoksnį gali padėti ir paprasčiausias pilingas, o šiuo metodu tiesiog traumuoji odą ir kapiliarus. Galiausiai turėsi pamėlusią nosį, o odos atsistatymui prireiks bent savaitės. Garbės žodis, jeigu tau taip stipriai kemšasi poros, apsilankyk pas dermatologą, bet tik nedaryk ŠITO!“

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Deodorant & bio oil?! Before any accusations this is a brand new deodorant I bought 😊 Putting a stick of deodorant on your face may sound ridiculous, but the powdery ingredients can help mattify the face. Also, some natural deodorants include mineral salts that can help dry out zits and bacteria-fighting ingredients that can also curb breakouts. Bio oil- helps diminish the appearance of scars and also helps even out skin tone @clinique 2-1 foundation shade buttermilk @lagirlcosmetics beautiful bronze to contour classic ivory & porcelain mixed for concealer and highlight @benefitcosmetics hola bronzer @anastasiabeverlyhills glow kit that glow @urbandecaycosmetics naked lip pencil & back talk lipstick from there new vice lipstick & liner collection @hudabeauty & @shophudabeauty lashes in Carmen

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2. Dezodorantas padės suteikti veidui matiškumo (146 000 peržiūrų)

„Dezodorante yra aliuminio druskų ir stiprių kvapniųjų medžiagų, kurios gali būti labai pavojingos odai. Realios pasekmės: raudonos dėmės ir giluminiai spuogai. Aš nenusiteikusi priešiškai prieš daugiafunkcines priemones, bet tik ne šiuo atveju. Jokiu būdu to nebandyk“. 

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🍚HOW TO GET RID OF WHITEHEADS IN LESS THAN 2 MINUTES WITHOUT POPPING THEM! 🍚- no more acne, no big monstrous pimples, no clusters of pimples - just smooth pimple free skin! ——great for men too who get whiteheads from shaving facial hair🍡 All you need is WASABI!🍣 ✅Apply the wasabi with a qtip to a cleansed face ‼️USE AS A SPOT TREATMENT ONLY to your whiteheads and leave on for NO MORE THAN 2 MINS - DO NOT apply this on your entire face. Spicy ingredients like wasabi, cayenne, chilli pepper etc ARE NOT meant for your entire face as a mask. They can cause unnecessary pain if you use it all over, and can actually do more harm than good. I mean would you eat a spoon full of spice or just add a tiny bit for some flavour? Same concept applies when you use it topically. Theyre ONLY good for spot treatments, just like your “regular" acne spot treatments. ‼️ ✅Wipe off with a clean qtip ✅WASH your face after - no cleanser 🙈the whitehead will be GONE and it will NOT turn into a big annoying pimple, and it wont spread into more pimples (which whiteheads can tend to do) 🐝*this does STING. It gets red. thats normal. its doing its job. If you have extremely sensitive skin then wipe off after 20-30 seconds* 👹IM NOT CRAZY! IT WORKS! HERES WHY: -For my sushi lovers.. do you know why wasabi is served with sushi? aside from being delicious? Its because its an ANTIBACTERIAL (for the raw fish) and also a pimples worst enemy!! -JAM packed with VITAMIN C, CALCIUM, POTASSIUM, and PHYTOCHEMICALS that can help strengthen antioxidants in your body -it stimulates and increases circulation in your skin, so when you apply it topically it helps instantly heal whiteheads and generate clear, soft, smooth, healthy skin. -promotes oxygenation of cell tissues = healthy tissues = healthy beautiful skin 👄PS. i use this as a lip plumper too - check out the demo video on my feed <3 👅 👇🏽TAG A FRIEND WHO COULD USE THIS and dont forget to LIKE THIS VIDEO TO HELP A SIS OUT FAM! 👍🏾🖤 Disclaimer: As with any skin care regimen, always do a test patch first to see if your skin is allergic to any of the ingredients.

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3. Spuogelį įveiks wasabi (beveik 7 milijonai peržiūrų)

„Negaliu įvardinti nei vienos gydomosios wasabi savybės odai. Jokios. Nulis. Jeigu yra kokių nors tyrimų, prašau juos man parodyti ir aš išmesiu savo diplomą. Per tas dvi minutes wasabi išdegins odą, o kartu su spuogu, kuris niekur nedings, reikės gydyti nudegimą“. 

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